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Peter Jon Lindberg leaves town for a living. Ostensibly he lives in Brooklyn, New York; at other times you might find him in Zambia, Tehran, London, New Orleans, Bahia, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Delhi, coastal Maine, Dominica, Asbury Park, or very likely Saigon.

He may be training with Russian cosmonauts, kicking it with the Singapore Girls, eating the hell out of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Vietnam, taking a mad dash across Europe, shucking oysters, rattling off about restaurant soundtracks, sneaking behind the scenes at Yellowstone, making a case for tourism, swooning over California music, combing the shelves at foreign supermarkets, or putting a hotel through the proverbial wringer.

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  5. BulletLondon, the capital of breakfast  biryani  soft cooked eggs  tapas  pea shoots  duck hearts FOOD.

*NOTE: This is not the website of renowned fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, in whose name I frequently receive party invitations, internship applications, and flattering solicitations from misguided models. If you truly wish to have your portfolio taken by me, I’m happy to do so, but I fear you’d be disappointed.

Just Landed...
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Peter’s work has been nominated for a National Magazine Award and included in Best American Travel Writing and Best American Magazine Writing. He was named a “Travel Journalist of the Year” by the Society of American Travel Writers and was twice a finalist for a James Beard Foundation Journalism Award.

Besides his regular features in Travel + Leisure, where he serves as Editor-at-Large, his writing has been featured in New York, Food & Wine, Men’s Journal, Details, and the New York Times.